Gastronomy and wines
The unrivalled benefit of altitude at La Bouitte

Leading wine critics and doctors invited to La Bouitte have confirmed that the mountain offers unrivalled conditions for tasting food and wine, with heightened pleasure and sensations not experienced in the lowlands. The art of cooking and tasting changes along with the altitude.

With lower atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels, light, dry and cold air, the chefs adapt their cooking methods. At La Bouitte, water boils at 95°: therefore an extra minute is needed to cook a soft-boiled egg.

In order to adapt to the low-oxygen air at the summit, the body expands the red blood cells; our heart rate and breathing increases. Our senses, particularly our taste buds, are sharpened and stimulated.

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The most spectacular effects of altitude affect wine tasting, which become more dense, longer, more pure and harmonious than at lower altitudes. With slower ageing - subject to ensuring adapted humidity - they have greater complexity, elegance and precision, reaching an unexpected balance.

Even the champagnes underline their status as celebration wines, with smaller, more effervescent bubbles, airy and nuanced aromas.

On the mountain, everything comes together to provide a magical sensory experience. This euphoria, this fullness, is due to the majestic setting, the pleasure of sharing a friendly moment on holiday, and finally the reward of a feast after a beautiful day skiing or walking.