A picnic based on our memories

La Bouitte is a family, a region, mountain traditions which live on. We suggest you take full advantage of this experience by walking some hiking trails and alpine routes, observing the flora and fauna living up high and which create such wonderful products, discovering the landscapes which inspire us.

The La Bouitte picnics are opportunities to understand and experience the link which binds our home to the land.

On the agenda: excursions (walking or mountain biking) organised with Saint-Martin de Belleville mountain guides, a very gourmet picnic made up of regional products which match the theme of your journey.

In your basket

  • Cold meats, charcuterie and cured meats from Savoie
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Beaufort and Tomme from Savoie
  • Travel desserts
    (blueberry tart, homemade jam)
  • Fresh bread
  • Fresh milk, butter
  • Water
  • Wines
  • And everything you need (rug, covers) to enjoy an authentic and gourmet picnic at the heart of our mountains in the Belleville valley.

    Suggested walks

    To discover or rediscover Alpine life and the region.

    • Pastoral tradition: discover the true heart of the mountains in summer and enjoy a gourmet picnic basket with the fresh and floral perfume of the summer. Tomme, Serac and butter produced on site are in the spotlight.
    • Alpine chalet and shelter : share an authentic raclette in a 100% mountain setting. Rediscover real taste!
    • Savoie architecture : excursion and journey through ancient hamlets with traditional architecture, stone and slate. Picnic with superb view over the valleys of Belleville and Méribel.
    • Wild fruit : Mountain biking paths through spruce forests. Gourmet picnic and blueberry tart to recharge your batteries
    • Flora : each summer, the immaculate white makes way for an explosion of colour. Learn about the flora on our mountains, admire the edelweiss, the bear’s garlic, and discover some cooking secrets. A very aromatic picnic!
    • Honey at altitude: Walk through preserved alpine pastures, where the bees flit between wild thyme, fireweed, rhododendrons and conifers. An endless performance to create unrivalled honey. Meet a beekeeper, view a hive. Try this nectar during your picnic.
    • Fauna : Bring your binoculars and cameras for this journey discovering the mountain fauna. Thanks to the guides who know their habitat like the back of their hand, discover ibex, marmots, chamois... and look up to admire the eagle in all its glory. Then, enjoy a gourmet picnic and homemade terrines.
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