From father to son
René and Maxime have cooked together since 1996

The date when the son hung up his skis and rifle (he was a biathlete with the Junior French team) for spatulas, whisks and patisserie moulds.

Since then, the two passionate self-taught chefs have continued to reveal and interpret their Savoie roots through cuisine dedicated to nature.

The father: a poet’s eye, a natural touch, the perseverance of a woodworker who built a home from wood and stone with his own hands; the son: the rigour and precision of a high-level athlete who has to train every day, with a strong eye for detail. The two together: the same strong desire to excel, to go further, to reflect and share their love of the region. A mutual understanding, a commitment to excellence, a love for real produce, an aim to have fun and please others - the four Meilleur hands create a gourmet masterpiece.

René Meilleur: “high standards, respect, passion and a commitment to excellence are our values.”

René and Maxime Meilleur rely on family memories shared in Saint Martin de Belleville. They create living heritage for their guests. Their playground? La Bouitte, a home reflecting the very essence of Savoie, where each object has been created by their own hands or by local artisans.

With three Michelin stars and 4 Gault & Millau toques, the Meilleur cuisine fully reflects this image. It is authentic, like the homemade bread to be shared straight from the oven and broken in front of you. Between alpine meadows, lakes and summits, it is poetic and full of character. Pure and subtle, with strong flavours and nothing superfluous or artificial. It offers a careful and personal interpretation of Savoie haute cuisine. The raclette becomes airy, the crozets pasta is revisited in a risotto, the dulce de leche cooked in grandma Gisèle’s cooking pot and the Saint Martin goat’s milk yoghurt sit alongside the Michelin starred “Milk in all its forms” dessert... An ode to their mountain roots magnified in each dish.

Simplicity is the absolute sophistication of the cuisine at La Bouitte.

Maxime Meilleur: “Our cooking is a way of life”

Regional and seasonal produce

Maxime and René Meilleur share a love for good produce, choosing it with the high standards of connoisseurs and the passion of Michelin-starred chefs. Meat, fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs... The best seasonal produce, even freshly-picked, are naturally prioritised at the right time, offering authentic flavours ranging from fullness to subtlety.

La Bouitte products all year round, throughout the seasons:
Crozets pasta, gnocchi, pork rind sausage, mushrooms, escargots, caviar, truffle, duck foie gras, fresh corn tortilla, arctic char, fera, crayfish, perch, pike, squab, lamb, smoked butter, goosefoot, pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower, polenta, potatoes, turnip, pine cones, sorrel, cranberries, Beaufort cheese, orange, chicory, wild strawberries, chocolate, gentian... Just some of the produce and flavours!

Maxime Meilleur: “You have to love the product.”

The producers

They all have the taste for work well done running through their veins, all sharing respect for the product. The triple-starred chefs and partner producers of La Bouitte have formed a bond over the years with sincere and strong relationships with a guiding principle: trust. Each listens to the other, to their expertise.

Stéphane Milleret
Halles de Chambéry, Savoie - France
Jean-Luc and Catherine Botti
Halles de Chambéry, Savoie - France
“Primeur” Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Moutiers Dairy Cooperative
Savoie - France
Beaufort Butter
Matthieu Personnaz
Savoie - France
Mountain charcuterie
Eric Mainbourg
Savoie and Haute-Savoie - France
Eric Jacquier
Haute-Savoie - France
Lake Geneva Fish
Klébert Silvestre
Savoie - France
Serge Jay
Savoie - France
Ewe’s milk cheese
Franck and Christine Baulat
Haute-Savoie - France
Fresh trout
Lionel Carroz
Savoie and Haute-Savoie - France
Eric Roy
Saint Genouph, Touraine - France
Philippe Cayeux
Isère - France
Hubert Mitteault
Vienne - France
Top quality foie gras, ducks
Eastern Pyrenees - France
All untreated citrus
Gourmet selections
All countries
Spices, vinegar, unrefined sugar
Les Ateliers du Moulin
Gard - France
Ancient fruity olive oil
Guillaume Ge
Gironde - France
Tuber Aestivum Truffle
Christine Gillardeau
Charente-Maritime - France
Drôme - France
Tain l’Hermitage grand cru chocolate
Alain Rivière
Isère - France
Grenoble Hazelnuts