La Bouitte restaurant with 3 Michelin stars in Savoie

Surprise menus

La Bouitte offers you a unique experience, beyond just a dinner or lunch. Let us be your guide! Give carte blanche to the chefs René and Maxime Meilleur, trust our 4 house sommeliers... Curiosity, expectation, a slight thrill.

Then comes the moment you've been waiting for! Each dish is a culinary journey in itself, a sensory discovery of excellent products and flavours which were previously unfamiliar.

Carte Blanche 3, 4, 5, or 8 course menu... as you wish.
Packages with glasses of wine, adapted to your menu.

You can also choose a wine which you love with the sommelier. The chefs René and Maxime Meilleur are happy to create a culinary composition which matches your selection.

our set menus

Carte blanche to the gourmet cuisine of René & Maxime Meilleur.
Each menu must be created immediately, so we ask that you order for all table guests.
Thank you for your custom...

Discovery of 3 surprises
Introduction to La Bouitte in 3 courses

Excluding weekends and public holidays

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Discovery of 4 surprises
La Bouitte inspiration in 4 courses

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Discovery of 5 surprises
La Bouitte development in 5 courses

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Discovery of 8 surprises
La Bouitte Extract in 8 courses with cheese

Portions adapted to number of dishes on the menu

Our sommeliers can offer wine/food pairing depending on your tastes and their inspiration.

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Sarpecot’s dinner

For our young guests under 10

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Cheese trolley

Extra set menu charge: €34

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our à la carte menu

An array of exquisite dishes to create your own culinary journey.

Our starters
Vegetables —
Cooked in their juice, double cream with "herbs" and caviar lemon.
Crozets —
Savoy pasta risotto style, beaufort cheese, seasonal mushrooms, oxalis.
Duck foie gras escalope —
Thick escalope, served on a corn-flavoured pancake with honey and balsamic vinegar.
La Motte Servolex mushrooms —
With water cress and gentian.

Photo (Duck foie gras)

Our meat & offal
Pigeon —
Roasted, soft potatoes, stew on toast, mushrooms, "Chenopodes Bon Henri" spinach.
Lamb pieces —
In stew, carottes withered, burnt onion, sage sauce.
Sweet bread —
Caramelized, with "Agria" potatoes and horseradish tube, smoke over beech timber.

Photo (Squab)

Our desserts

To be ordered at the start of the meal

Milk —
In all its forms: biscuits, mousse, frozen, jam…
Rhubarb —
Stewed in biscuit, ice-cube juice and rosehip coulis.
Raspberry —
Praline "ile flottante", shortbread flake.

Photo (Milk)

Our freshwater fish & seafood
Fario Trout—
Poached in "court-bouillon", with fresh melted butter, carrots with sorrel, plankton sabayon.
Fera fish filet —
From Leman lake, thin crunchy bread slice, puntarelle salad, white butter roussette wine.
Arctic char fish— (Wild from Lake Geneva) —
From fresh water, served rosé, bouquet of roquette on a bed of fish and génépi sauce.

Photo (Arctic char)