Meilleur Nature,
an exclusive range by La Bouitte, a luxury hotel in Les 3 Vallées

The Savoie mountain plants

The mountain is rich in wild fauna and colourful flora. Nettles, wild thyme, wild pansies, snowbells, hawthorn, houseleek (mountain artichoke), spruce... A range of plants and flowers in the Savoie forests and alpine meadows, with peaceful, repairing and regenerative properties. Our grandmothers knew this for many years and knew a thousand and one ways to prepare them and combine them to extract the benefits.

Two children of the region, René and Maxime Meilleur, remember this... With a passion for the Alpine region and its natural heritage running through their veins, they decided to create a treatment line for the La Bouitte spa, near to Les Menuires and Val Thorens, from this real open-air treasure. This range reflects the Savoie heritage being passed on by the entire Meilleur family.

Meilleur Nature, a complete range of cosmetics for the spa of a luxury hotel at the heart of Les 3 Vallées.

Valérie Mallens, an Savoie artisan perfumer, has created an innovative and exclusive line of products for La Béla Vya . She has chosen fireweed, in long bundles with a bright pink-purple colour, which is common throughout the valley. Recognised for its mattifying and astringent, lifting and firming properties, fireweed extract is a central aspect of the Meilleur Nature line.

The “Meilleur Nature” brand is born from a passion for the Alpine region. This results in a complete and unusual range of natural wellness products. Shower cream, shampoo, soap, serum, face cream, Virtuous massage oil, Virtuous scrub... A range with no synthetic dyes, parabens or ethanol... A promise of relaxation and benefits which are 100% safe for your body. To prolong the benefits of your treatment, why not try a little Alpine nature?

Just like La Bouitte, it is refined, authentic, with a touch of Savoie mountain flora. René and Maxime Meilleur offer you their eau de parfum, 1502 M. The floral notes are supplemented by an amber and musk gourmet note, like a rose jam. The cashmere wood notes provide a sense of fullness. A wonderful escape…

We sell our care products at the spa desk or it is possible to contact us 0033 47 08 96 77 We can send it directly to your address if you wish.