Hotel Spa in Savoie / Les Menuires, Val Thorens, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

Heated indoor pool with balneotherapy

Like magic, it is an extension of Lac du Lou (2005 m altitude between Les Menuires and Val Thorens) where the 180°panoramic photo brightens up the space. Enjoy the water at 32°c, then take the time to relax on one of the loungers nearby.

Hay sauna

Whilst enjoying the detoxifying and relaxing benefits of the humid heat, find the aromas of our alpine meadows and summer fields during hay making season!

Indulge in the warmth of the water. Guaranteed silence. Intense sensations with real therapeutic benefits: 6 different places, with specific functions and jets to successively massage the entire body.

Visit the hammam and breathe in the scent of the citrus, which reflects the cuisine of the Chefs René and Maxime Meilleur: orange, lemon, grapefruit, clementine... Through the seasons, the preparations change in the kitchen and the spa, but the aromas are always delicate. In the dry perfumed heat, forget your stress and tensions.

The Solan

A cocoon, a homage to pastoral and farming life in the valley, the hay from a Saint Marcel farm. After a treatment, nestle down in a wooden enclosed bed. Soak in the aroma and warmth of the hay. Alone or as a couple, a wonderful escape to the fields, nature and childhood.

The Bain-Marie with mountain milk and honey

Another exclusive signature treatment
Milk is the ideal element to soften the skin, hydrating it with its vitamins and mineral salts. It is the most high-quality product which the mountain offers, a source of wellness and it gives the skin a particular glow. The honey, in beauty terms, hydrates and tones the skin wonderfully.

Two treatment rooms

In addition to the 3 spaces dedicated to the abovementioned unique treatments, two treatment rooms including one couples treatment: warm intimacy with wood and stone, to fully enjoy treatment and massages by our team of professionals. One of the two rooms is equipped with a couples jet bath and a hay alpine bed.