A hotel firmly rooted in its surroundings

At La Bouitte, a hotel firmly rooted in its surroundings, every object tells a story . The luxury hotel and its restaurant with 3 Michelin stars offer a warm, lively and friendly home. They are the result of 4 decades of ongoing improvements, searching for unique items in local farms, barns and flea markets. They reflect a return to their roots, to timeless memories.

Whilst offering the best of modern life, La Bouitte is a prime example of its Savoie roots, and the surrounding natural and cultural heritage. It is surrounded by the majestic and imposing mountains of Vanoise. Family memories, cheese moulds, hay and forks alongside precious furniture, chests and useful and decorative items going back to the 17th century, and high-quality raw materials (pine wood, larch or Swiss pine, stone or lauze) are a reminder of timeless alpine memories. A genuinely authentic atmosphere!

René and Marie-Louise Meilleur, their children Maxime and Sophie, and their spouses have made La Bouitte a charming 5-star hotel which expertly combines sophistication and simpli city. There is pottery (René’s passion), a beautiful knitted wool cushion, a beam - the oldest dates from 1702 - a bell - there are dozens - which help create this unique atmosphere.

So it’s not surprising that many guests have a close bond with La Bouitte, and they are loyal: they enjoy a relaxing, out-of-this-world and timeless stay.

Once upon a time...
Like all good stories, there is a beginning.
It is called La Bouitte, located in Saint-Marcel.
Passion running through their veins
A region, a passion

A love of the land
Simplicity, sophistication, warmth, a home in Savoie
A land of inspiration... of expression
The luxury hotel
The restaurant with 3 Michelin stars
Bèla Vya, the mountain spa...