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hôtel restaurant 3 étoiles la bouitte savoie
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Our story

The incredible story of a family restaurant...
which went on to earn 3 Michelin sta

This is the story of René and Marie-Louise Meilleur, an ambitious couple who built up La Bouitte from scratch and turned it into one of the most sought-after gourmet restaurants in the Alps... and France - one of only 26 restaurants to be awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Guide.

Our story

Right by the Menuires and Val Thorens resorts, at the heart of the Alps, the epic story of a gourmet restaurant with a unique character!

When they opened La Bouitte ("little house" in the local Savoie dialect), René and Marie-Louise served fondue, raclette, and other regional specialities to the many skiers who came through their doors...

They served typical Savoie fare - generous and unfussy. 
After the "culinary epiphany" of a dinner at Paul Bocuse, followed by the arrival of a resort in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville in 1984, René Meilleur began to develop a more sophisticated and creative cuisine. La Bouitte in the hamlet of Saint-Marcel in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, right by the Les Menuires resort, became known as a gourmet destination not to be missed at the heart of the 3 Valleys.

Our story

Maxime brought a new energy to La Bouitte. As a former biathlete in the Junior French team, he drew inspiration from the values of sport: determination, endurance, and an appetite for challenge. Little by little, he led the team towards the ultimate prize. Father and son, thick as thieves, concoct delicious meals together.

In 2000, the elder sister Sophie joined La Bouitte and helped design and furnish sixteen luxury rooms and suites. Over the years Sophie, Maxime and their respective spouses, Florent and Delphine, built the chalet of their dreams, working the wood with their own hands and using only the most noble traditional materials of Savoie.
In 2003, la Bouitte was awarded its first Michelin star, "René's star", in 2008 its second star, "Maxime's star" and in 2015 the third, "René and Maxime's star" as Marie-Louise proudly explains. 
At the same time as the restaurant was developing, the hotel was being transformed into a haven of comfort and luxury at the heart of the 3 Valleys. The Bela Vya Spa, with its focus on natural treatments, opened in 2005.