History and tradition at La Bouitte Relais & Châteaux hotel in Savoie

They have inherited the strength and diversity of their Savoie roots from their ancestors.
They have inherited the sense of effort, the taste for work well done from their parents.
A living and vibrant heritage which René and Marie-Louise have demonstrated for 40 years and which they have passed on to their children, Sophie and Maxime, and to all those they work with.

The story starts in 1976, when René and Marie-Louise bought an apple tree field in Saint Marcel (Saint Martin de Belleville). With family woodworking knowledge, they created La Bouitte, a “small home” in Savoie dialect. Savoie raclettes and fondues have been replaced by more refined dishes.

In 1981, a dinner with Paul Bocuse marked a turning point and helped them discover their vocation. René, who has never received formal chef training, decided to conquer the highest peaks.

He was joined by his son Maxime in 1996, also self-taught. The two moved forward together, forming unwavering bonds and driven by the same desire to go higher.

In 2003, the first Michelin star was awarded.

A lot of work, a search for perfection, attention to detail, and in 2008, the second star!

Then in 2015, the third star was awarded, a historic first in Savoie.

During this time, the rest of La Bouitte has also progressed: the hotel became a 5-star Relais & Châteaux hotel, supplemented by the La Béla Vya spa. The Hotel has become a benchmark by keeping its soul and identity. And the story isn’t over!

The Meilleurs, a close-knit duo
for over 20 years...

Head Chef

“La Bouitte? An authentic home, from the heart... just like us”

His iron will is only equalled by its kindness and his love for the job. A regional native, he built La Bouitte day after day with his own hands, regularly working on the project.

His life’s work, just like his family, beautiful, unified and proud of its roots. A head chef in a home which flies the flag for Saint-Martin de Belleville and the valley worldwide.


“La Bouitte - it’s life, my heart and my passion”

She is the manager who offers a friendly and generous welcome. Always with a smile. Always aiming to offer an authentic welcome from the heart.

She is discreet and ensures that you have a excellent stay, or even a unique experience. She is the soul of La Bouitte, her home, from the early days.

Head chief

“I want to make those who come to La Bouitte happy”

From high-level sporting competition - biathlon - he has acquired perseverance, rigour, an appreciation for effort, the desire to go further and humility.

Converted to culinary delights, for 20 years he has formed a masterful duo with his father, for a unique gourmet offering which combines excellence and ultra-refined simplicity.. always looking to surprise.


“La Bouitte is a way of living”

Introduced by the grandparents of Maxime, she left Mayenne for Saint-Martin de Belleville, providing a new eye.

Maxime’s partner, she is one of the “living stones” of the hotel: she welcomes guests to the table, takes orders and forms links between the kitchen and restaurant team.

A large family

You can’t understand La Bouitte without experiencing the family spirit running through everyone on site. Regardless of their role, the 50 employees are passionate about their job, with a rare and precious sense of belonging. Together, they bring this hotel to life, which is a bit of their own each day.


He manages the restaurant, providing a personal touch to the service and loving to telling you the stories behind the dishes at La Bouitte.

Our friends

The same goes for our customers. Our cosmopolitan guests from 65 countries are unbelievably loyal for a hotel with three Michelin stars. Some come 5 to 10 times a year, and they are a key part of the La Bouitte extended family.

Friendly discussions in the lounges, sharing with the chefs and the team, La Bouitte offers hospitality which is difficult to imagine before you’ve experienced it.