Винные вечера
Эксперименты, чтобы жить полной жизнью

Через знакомство с виноградниками  возникла  коллекция на основе ни с чем не сравнимого опыта. Настоящие
кулинарные и винные путешествия. С 2012 года раз в месяц ( 5 вечеров зимой и 4 вечера летом) Ла Буитт дает карт бланш исключительно виноградарям, дающим  колоритным сортам волшебную интерпретацию.

Лаборатория идей

Повара создают блюда на заказ, которые часто никогда не делались. В этом эти вечера - настоящая лаборатория идей. Мы живем экспериментом. Кухни и столовые бригады походят на канатоходцев: мы на связи, в поисках высших эмоций. А некоторые сочетания еды и вина звучат как откровения и станут будущей «классикой» Ла Буитт.

Гости  тоже участвуют в этом творчестве. У них есть редкая возможность пообщаться с крупными виноделами и известными винными критиками (Мишелем Беттаном), которые передают свою страсть от стола к столу.

Вне мира , вне времени, это вечера  как для настоящих любителей, мечтающих попробовать вина, обычно недоступные, так и ля новичков в поисках опыта, богатого эмоциями. Это приостановленный, уникальный момент, который потенциально отмечает жизнь.

Wine tasting evenings Winter 2018-2019

La Bouitte invites you on a real Tour de France of the best wines, from Nice formerly linked to the Duchy of Savoie (Clos Saint Vincent with fascinating grape varieties) to Bordelais (Saint Emilion Troplong Mondot) passing through Burgundy (very distinguished Clos des Lambrays and Corton Charlemagne Bonneau du Martray).

Вечера начинаются в 19:30. Участие: 290 € на человека, все включено. Представлено большинство, если не все, винные  Домены. Вечер включает в себя 2 амюз буш (специальные закуски для пробы от шефа), закуски, рыбу, мясо, сыры, пред десерт, десерт и сладости, ансамбль вин, воду и кофе / чай.

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Программа винных вечеров 

Le prix fixé pour les soirées de cet hiver est de 290€ tout compris.

- Participation : 290€

In the Commune of Calce, situated to the west of Perpignan, Gerard and his son Lionel have raised the Domaine Gauby up to the highest level of Roussillon wine. The way they cultivate their land, using agrobiology, poly-culture and agro-forestry, is an example to many, and well beyond their Mediterranean territory. They have the rare vision of a global ecosystem that they are continually shaping. By intuitively respecting their soil, in promoting natural growth and interactions, they form an authentic duo of artistic craftsmen, one which disrupts our certainties and promises wonderful, original wines. Intense wines with a ripe southern fruit, but also with great purity and delicacy. Wines evoking energy, inspiration and freedom. Turning away from the constraint of “appellations” in order to better express the potential of their terroirs, they plant late-season varieties with lower density ones like the Tourbat, by planting trees between every 4 to 7 rows of vines. And also paying special attention to water management.

During the evening, Lionel Gauby will share 9 of the most exciting wines in the Domaine’s history. In white, Vieilles Vignes 2002, Coume Gineste 2017 and 2008 (mineral, complex, fine and deep), as well as a very original fermented wine with its orange colour: Roque 2011. A superb Muscat vinified like a red, in a complete harvest, racy and with a remarkable tensity. In red, the prestige vintage Muntada will be available in 3 vintages: 1997 (all finesse), 2008 (quite fresh but very dry) and 2014 (a year that was often cloudy with cold light which has produced a future mythical wine, floral, marine, with a dizzying elegance, and a masterful length). Then a rarity: Foun 2011, only 1000 bottles produced from Carignan over 120 years old on these limestone marl soils. And to conclude, a late harvest 2007, raised over10 years without filtration, which has yet to be marketed (700 bottles to come).

Pauillac, Bordeaux
- Participation : 290€

This is a real privilege, and a memorable event in perspective. For the first time in many years, Château Lafite Rothschild, the most famous Pauillac in the heart of the Médoc, is organizing an important tasting at a Michelin-starred restaurant in France. And will share some of its best wines (2004, 2000, 1989 and a 4th vintage part of the magnum vintage legend). On a chalky base differentiating it from its illustrious neighbours, and marked by its footprint of more than 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, Lafite Rothschild is sublime by its subtlety, its natural race, its notes of cedar and graphite, or even pencil lead , which develop after more than 15 years of ageing. Immense wines, unfathomable and meimpenetrable.

Four other remarkable wines, owned by the Rothschild family, will complete this exceptional programme: Pauillac Duhart Milon (Magnum 2009), Pomerol Château L’Evangile (2006), with incomparable sap, charming and deep, and finally Château Rieussec ( R of Rieussec 2018, a confidential dry wine with aromas of white flowers, and the great Sauternes 1997 with symphonic liquor and roast).

Beaujolais - Bourgogne
- Participation : 290€

Here is one of our favourite subjects from recent years: the renaissance of the Château des Bachelards. This estate, which benefits from a unique heritage of vineyards on Moulin à Vent, Saint Amour and especially Fleurie, was created by the Benedictine monks of Cluny from 1100. The wall-enclosed parcel (1ha and 80 ares) adjoining the Castle - with century old vines - offers, in addition to the region’s own pink granite, precious blue marl. A rare natural treasure, found at Pétrus, Yquem or Pibarnon, and which contributes to a delicacy of tannin and a true aesthetic dimension. Alexandra de Vazeilles acquired the Château in 2014, converted it into biodynamics in 2015 and made every effort to make it a real nugget. Progress has been dazzling.

The rare prestigious Le Clos wine (3000 bottles in 2015 and 1600 in 2016), aged only 24 months, is a generous, full-bodied, gourmet wine in its first vintage (evoking a Côte Rôtie), and delicate, suggestive in its second (sending us into a Burgundy universe). We could never have imagined a Fleurie wine with such a long finish in the mouth, such a momentum and such energy. This evening will be the perfect opportunity to understand why the greatest wines of Beaujolais were so well thought of until the 1970s, exceeding in value many of the famous Côte de Nuits wines.

Châteauneuf du Pape
- Participation : 290€

Here is one of the greatest wines of the South of France, and one of the most confidential. For decades it has magnified the art of blending “terroirs” and the 13 grape varieties of Châteauneuf du Pape. The last vintages are masterful with superb touches of mouth. Future mythical wines! The bouquet and the material are distinguished, recognizable by their inimitable scent of noble olive. They express a Provençal soul through France’s most northern Mourvèdre. But also the subtly spicy (southernmost expression of Syrah) and voluptuous (majestic Grenache) character of the Rhone Valley.

The wines gain considerably in complexity and aromatic spectrum with ageing. It will be wonderful to discover the pureness, brilliance and precision of recent vintages: in white a 2018 magnum, in red the sublime Cuvée du Papet 2016, and Clos 2007 in a magnum which is just beginning to reveal the greatness of this vintage. Then to savour rare fully matured bottles: in white, a 1998 magnum, in red a Cuvée du Papet 2000 and 1999 magnum, then a graceful Clos 1985 and an extraordinary Clos 1978 both in magnum. At 30 or 40 years of age, unsuspected worlds open!

The food and wine marriages will offer an almost infinite potential, as there is so much correlation between the delicate and gourmet cuisine of René and Maxime Meilleur, and the finesse, nuanced and unfathomable side of Clos Mont Olivet.

- Participation : 290€

Too many amateurs think of Champagne as an aperitif, a festive nectar, and forget that it is above all a wine to be drunk during meals, offering multiple possibilities for a great Chef. La Bouitte continues its mission of transmission to its guests, by designing a tasting menu with one of the most fascinating and secret elite Champagne houses.

After tasting Royale Réserve Non Dosé, Grand Blanc 2008 and Blanc de Noirs 2012 both in a magnum, Charles Philipponnat will share a 1522, named after the origins of the Domaine: Grand Cru 2004, and rosé 2003. Then he will introduce us to the mysteries of Clos des Goisses, dominating the Marne at Mareuil-sur-Ay: 2005 in a magnum, 1993 “LV” disgorged in 2018, and another great vintage, which will be revealed at the last moment. This is one of the most enigmatic and “winey” lands in the region. South facing, in one whole parcel and enclosed by walls, it has slopes up to 45 °. This wine exudes unfathomable scents of tobacco and flint. Its body is almost oily, and its length in the mouth is impressive.

The Pinot Noirs are both very ripe and mineral, thanks to the proximity of the chalk. At the heart of this so typical “terroir”, we will have the privilege of tasting Les Cintres 2009, a rare vintage (2000 to 3000 bottles depending on the year): a concentration of intensity, vigour and depth. And we will finish with a Marc de Champagne from Clos des Goisses, distilled in the spirit of a grappa. An exceptional programme!

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