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hôtel restaurant 3 étoiles la bouitte savoie
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Our cuisine

The "Meilleur" touch for the first restaurant in Savoie to be awarded 3 stars by the Michelin Guide.

René and Maxime make an impressive double act: they've been working together for 20 years and will celebrate La Bouitte's 40th anniversary at the end of 2016. This self-taught father and son team has developed a creative and subtle cuisine, genuine and irreverent, which draws inspiration from the culinary traditions of Savoie while paying homage to them.

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A gourmet restaurant
in the high Alps

This is a cuisine in harmony with its environment: the Meilleur kitchen has forged its identity using local produce rich in meaning and steeped in history.

La Bouitte successfully combines authentic surroundings with an avant-garde exploration of cooking and wine.

Its harmony and poetry owe much to René. Maxime's training as a top level athlete left him with a determination to always do better and an economy of movement.
Maxime's perfectionism is always in conversation with René's experience. There is a natural harmony.

This self-taught duo heads a team devoted to finding the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, authenticity and elegance, precision and risk. They deliver an unmistakeably audacious take on the best local produce. Their delicate, fresh cuisine evokes the complexity and generosity of the natural world. Fall in love with their compositions, each full of delicate details. Playing with texture, this is a cuisine which gradually reveals subtle associations of flavours.

A warm, family atmosphere in the Savoie tradition

La Bouitte has been recognized as one of the world's leading restaurants (Grande Table du Monde). The restaurant itself, like its cuisine is an ode to the Savoie region.

The two restaurant rooms, and the table d'hote (communal dining area) are warm, welcoming and are designed to set you at ease. Like in the kitchen, table service and hospitality is led by a team of two: Marie-Louise, René's wife, is the hostess, while her daughter-in-law Delphine, Maxime's wife, is the maitre d'hotel.

They are in charge of a loyal and attentive team who will take you on a gourmet journey of discovery under the starry skies of La Bouitte!

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