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« MEILLEUR Nature »


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“MEILLEUR Nature” is born from a passion for the richness of the natural Alpine heritage. The plants from our mountains are at the forefront of René and Maxime’s cuisine for their flavours, and in their cosmetics for their active ingredients and health benefits.

By using principally epilobium extract, the perfume craftsman, Valérie Mallens, from the Asinerie des Alpes, has developed for La Bouitte a innovative and exclusive line. Used for centuries by Amerindians for its calming properties, epilobium extract favours rehydration and calms sensitive skin.

Epilobium grows in our Vallée des Belleville up to an altitude of 2500 metres: its flowers are presented in a bunch with a purple pink and magenta colour. Its extract is rich in flavonoids, vitamin C and pro-vitamin A. It has multiple properties: mattifying and astringent but also lifting and re-firming. Its components allow the draining of excessive secretions and to re-tighten up the loose tissues by repairing those that are damaged..

We offer a full range of products and treatments with epilobium extract: face cream, body treatment elixir, ex-foliation, mask, serum … without synthetic colouring nor paraben, SLS or ethanol, our bases contain oil and precious wax, which protect the skin from drying out thanks to their fatty acids.


Shower cream
An exclusive non-foaming formula enriched with epilobium extract. Thanks to its fatty acids it gives your skin elasticity and softness while preserving it from dryness. Delicately perfumed in accordance with the Meilleur Nature range.

Gentle shampoo
Formulated and enriched with asses’ milk, organic apricot and white lupin oils. A gentle treatment suitable for all hair types.

A mild soap with oils, enriched with epilobium extract, delicately perfumed in accordance with the Meilleur Nature range.

Body elixir
A unctuous formula for this body treatment; Enriched with oils and epilobium extract, delicately scented, it leaves your skin hydrated and protected.

Face cream
Sensory care; this face cream with epilobium extract possesses a formula enriched with active ingredients. Its concentration of vitamin C and provitamin A helps to fight against skin irritations and stimulates deep skin hydration.

Virtuose scrub
This unctuous scrub is enriched with palmarosa and rosewood essential oils with their relaxing properties. Thanks to its exfoliating fine particles and its exclusive menthol and alpine flower formula, it leaves your skin fresh and removes dead cells as well as excess sebum. It smooths your skin texture and leaves it soft and glowing.

Virtuose Mask
Suitable for all skin types, this extraordinary mask, with moisturising properties, is enriched with hyaluronic acid and epilobium and alpine flowers (edelweiss) extracts. Its remarkable concentration of active ingredients (including palmarosa and rosewood essential oils) tones your skin and provides it with comfort and well-being.

Virtuose massaging oil
Do you want to enhance your skin? Our Virtuose massage oil is a daily care with organic hazelnut, argan and sesame oils all with nourishing and antioxidant properties; Enriched with epilobium, edelweiss and helichrysum extracts for optimal nutrition. Its silky texture enhances your skin, leaving it delicately scented. Used in a massage, this oil offers you a moment of intense relaxation; calming both body and mind.

Virtuose Lifting Serum
The Meilleur Nature Virtuose Lifting Serum is the result of long and intense research. This gel treatment, hyper concentrated in pure hyaluronic acid, provides long-lasting hydration and has a replenishing effect on your skin. Its formula, enriched with asses’ milk and Alpine flower extracts, helps reduce the signs of ageing. An intense replenishing treatment! Without perfume.


plat la bouitte savoie
plat la bouitte savoie
plat la bouitte savoie
plat la bouitte savoie
plat la bouitte savoie